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First Endurance Optygen
First Endurance Optygen
Size: 90 capsules
Price: $49.95

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Product Code: 136-20301-1

Optygen is a revolutionary endurance formula that’s designed to help you optimize performance, maximize oxygen utilization and achieve greatness. The patent-pending, legal, safe and stimulant-free Optygen formula is based on human clinical trials and the latest scientific research on increasing endurance. It’s so effective, there’s a 100% performance guarantee.

The ingredients in Optygen have been studied extensively for their ability to:
• Improve the body's ability to adapt to high levels of physical stress
• Help utilize oxygen more efficiently
• Increase anaerobic threshold & Reduce lactic acid

Optygen was ranked the #1 endurance supplement again by™. The 2004 review evaluated Optygen, and ten other popular endurance supplements, based on claims, theory, science, safety and value. Each of the five categories is scored from 1-20, with 100 total points possible. At the conclusion of the 2004 review, Optygen received the top score of 92 out of 100. Last year, Optygen was also awarded the #1 ranking in 2003 with a score of 90. The difference this year is that First Endurance increased the Rhodiola extract in the 2004 formulation.

Category scores:
CLAIMS- 20/20
"Key claims for Optygen include that it can "reduce lactic acid, significantly increase VO2Max, increase the body's ability to acclimatize to high levels of physical stress and reduce lactic acid"-but can you believe it? For these claims-yes, you can, because there is scientific evidence to support each of the claims for the ingredients in Optygen."

THEORY- 18/20
"Chromium certainly has been associated with metabolic benefits related to blood sugar and insulin metabolism (better "fat burning") and both Cordyceps and Rhodiola are among the few of the adaptogenic plants (besides Panex ginsing) that have scientific support for the effects in improving oxygen uptake. Optygen brings standardized extracts of the two most powerful "oxygen-enhancers" to bear for the endurance athlete.

SCIENCE- 16/20
"Rhodiola and Cordyceps certainly work as claimed but it would be great to see a study on the finished Optygen product. One of the aspects of the Optygen formulation that we LOVE, however, is supported by First Endurance's claim that they "refuse to reduce cost by using "pixie dust" amounts of ingredients just to dress up the label" -and BROVO for them- because this is one of our "pet-peeves" when it comes to sports nutrition products (many companies add a milligram when a gram-or a thousand times more-is needed for benefits). Both Cordyceps and Rhodiola are present in what we would consider to be fully effective doses of these important (and expensive) ingredients.

"No major problems to expect. Chromium, Rhodiola and Cordyceps are within ranges used in clinical studies with no problems reported. The different components of the ATPro blend pose no risk."

"The 3 capsule "serving size" provides 200mcg of chelated Chromium, 1000 mg of Cordyceps (standardized for 7% cordycepic acid, 800mg of their "ATPro Matrix" and 300mg of Rhodiola Rosea root extract (standardized for 3% rosavins)-A very high-quality blend for the price. Optygen comes out suprisingly well-priced because it makes your BODY more efficient and faster-rather than just adding another piece of high-tech equipment to your garage."


"Optygen is a groundbreaking new supplement that uses a blend of two adaptogens, Rhodiola and Cordyceps, both of which have been shown in scientific research to boost oxygen use, optimize fuel and enhance the body's ability to adapt to physical stress." -Triathlete Magazine (May, 2004)

"Optygen utilizes two natural herbs (Rhodiola and Cordyceps) that are the primary ingredients in the legal and stimulant free formulation. Both Rhodiola and Cordyceps have been clinically shown to increase VO2Max, lung function, oxygen intake and anaerobic threshold significantly." -Cycle Sport (July 2003)

"All of the ingredients in Optygen have scientific support for their effects in better fat-burning and improved oxygen uptake." -Mountain Bike Magazine (March 2003)

How Optygen Works:
Optygen works on three different levels all working synergistically with the goal of increasing endurance. Endurance is defined your ability to perform work over a period of time where there is sufficient oxygen delivered to the muscles. There are three critical components necessary to increase your endurance capacity.

1) Efficient Glucose Metabolism
2) Efficient Oxygen Transfer
3) ATP production

Efficient Glucose Metabolism:
The first part of the Optygen formula utilizes chromium for its ability to break down fuel. Chromium is an essential trace mineral that aids in glucose metabolism, regulation of insulin levels, and maintenance of healthy blood levels of cholesterol and other lipids. Chromium forms part of a compound in the body known as glucose tolerance factor (GTF), which is involved in regulating the actions of insulin in maintaining blood sugar levels and, possibly, in helping to control appetite. It is critical that any drink, bar or pre-race meal consumed prior to a race or exercise gets broken down efficiently in order to maximize your fuel delivery. Insulin spikes or lack of insulin response can cause the nutrients to either be rushed into your bloodstream too quickly or not quickly enough. Chromium regulates this nutrient breakdown so you have equal and sustained nutrient delivery to the working muscles.

Efficient Oxygen Transfer:
The second part of the Optygen formula uses adaptogenic herbs to improve oxygen effeciency. Originally, these two adaptogenic herbs were gathered by Tibetan Sherpas for use in their tea. The Sherpas used these herbs to give them energy to climb Everest, which they did without the use of supplemental oxygen. One of the adaptogenic applications of Rhodiola that has received considerable research attention recently is for aiding in adaptation to high altitude, thus, as a preventive treatment for hypoxia or mountain sickness. In June 2002, Dr Rulin Xiu was awarded a patent for her work showing Rhodiola's ability to oxygenate blood. Clinical studies on Cordyceps have proven its ability to increase endurance through more efficient enzyme activity, mobilization of free fatty acids and beta-oxidation. In a 1998 study, Dr. Edmond Burke observed that Cordyceps has the ability to improve lactate energy metabolism within the cell. All these mechanisms clearly show how these two adaptogenic herbs improve the efficiency of oxygen transfer in the cell leading to improvements in oxygen uptake and VO2max.

ATP Production:
The final step of the Optygen formulation puts all the necessary components together to assure efficient Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) production. Clinical research has shown that endurance athletes diminish their ATP stores in exhaustive exercise, which can lead to a reduction in aerobic metabolism and endurance. Optygen 's proprietary ATPro™ matrix of five key nutrients is designed to assure ATP production. Since ATP is the final step in aerobic energy production, it is critical that the nutrients feeding the ATP cycle are readily available. Calcium pyruvate, sodium phosphate, potassium phosphate, adenosine and d-ribose all play critical roles in glycolysis and the citric acid cycle, leading to efficient ATP production. Endurance athlete's VO2max is directly proportional to their ability to efficiently produce ATP.

A synergistic formula:
The combination of the three components of Optygen create a synergy with the sole purpose of improving race performance through increased VO2max, reduced lactic acid and increased endurance. Though Cordyceps and Rhodiola taken by themselves would offer enhanced performance, the combination including Chromium Chelate and the ATPro™ matrix complete the formulation. It is this synergistic combination of key ingredients that make Optygen such a powerful and complete endurance formula.
  • Optimizes Performance
  • Maximizes Oxygen Utilization
  • Legal, Safe & Stimulant Free
  • Increases Anaerobic Threshold
  • Reduces Lactic Acid Build Up

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